Holmes hwf100 wick humidifier filter. Filter design download. Change car air filter.

Holmes Hwf100 Wick Humidifier Filter

holmes hwf100 wick humidifier filter

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holmes hwf100 wick humidifier filter - HWF100 Holmes

HWF100 Holmes Humidifier Replacement Filter (3-Pack)

HWF100 Holmes Humidifier Replacement Filter (3-Pack)

These Holmes humidifier wick replacement filters fit Holmes models BCM5520RC, HM630, HM729, HM600RC, HM1405RC, HM4600, HM6000, HM6000RCTC, HM6005, HM6600, HM7203, HM7203RC, HM7203RCU, HM7204, HM7305, HM7305RC, HM7305RCU, HM7306, HM7306RC, HM7405, HM7405RC, HM7405RCU, and HM7808. They measure approximately 5 x 7 1/2 x 1. There are 3 wick filters per box. Features Microban antimicrobial protection! For optimum performance, replace filter at the beginning of each season or every 2 months depending on use.

77% (6)

Holmes Creek xing Bings

Holmes Creek xing Bings

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The Holmes Boys Dinner

The Holmes Boys Dinner

Found this while clearing out some space on my hard drive. Joe Holmes used to host occasional salons of Mac-oriented folks and personal relatives. We'd do each other's hair, talk about boys, actively and knowingly conspire to manipulate the international derivatives market...you know, the usual stuff.

Good times! Everyone does indeed look as though they're happy to be here, yes?

I'm wondering if there are enough clues in this picture to guess the year it was taken. I know the answer, of course, but why destroy other people's fun?

holmes hwf100 wick humidifier filter

holmes hwf100 wick humidifier filter

Humidifier Filter 3-Pack for Holmes HWF100

Maintain healthy indoor air quality with this three-pack of replacement humidifier filters. They install easily and feature a reinforced outer layer for extra durability. To help humidifiers run more efficiently, the filters trap mineral deposits from the water, plus they come treated with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection for enhanced performance. A new humidifier filter should be installed at the beginning of each season and replaced every two to four weeks depending on usage.
Sunbeam Humidifier Models SCM631 & SCM7809.
Bionaire humidifier models BCM4600, BCM645, BCM646, BMC5520, BCM5520RC, BCM5521, BCM4600, BCM5520RCU, BCM6000, BCM6010, BCM6010RC, BCM6610RC, BCM7203, BCM7203RC, BCM7204, BCM7205, BCM7207, BCM7305, BCM7305RCB, BCM-7305RC, BCM7306, and BCM7307.
Holmes humidifier models HM729, HM729G, HM630, HM7204, HM7305/RC, HM7306, HM6000, HM6000RC, HM6600, HM6005HD, and HM4600/HD.
The three-pack of humidifier filters measures approximately 5-3/5 by 4 by 7-4/5 inches.

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